Citroen Berlingo 1.4i 2006 (DV) Full Specs

Home / 2006 Citroen Berlingo 1.4i Transmission type manual, DV vendor, cylinder bore 75,0 mm., wheelbase 2700 mm., curb weight 1252, fuel type gasoline, stroke 77,0 mm., engine location front, displacement 1359 cc., 5 seats.
  • Body: Minibus
  • Year produced: 2006
  • Capacity (cc): 1359 cc
  • Catalog number: DV
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
DVKY1999 Citroen Xsara 2.0 D1997 см3Manual
DVK82004 Citroen Xsara 2.0 HDi 109 SX Plus Automatic1997 см3Automatic
DVKJ1998 Citroen Xsara 1.81761 см3Manual
DVKX1998 Citroen Xsara 2.0 Coupe1998 см3n\a
DVKQ2000 Citroen Xsara 1.9 D Break1868 см3Manual
DVKU2000 Citroen Xsara 21998 см3Manual
DVKZ2000 Citroen Xsara 2.0 D Break1997 см3Manual
DVKP1999 Citroen Xsara 1.9 D Break1868 см3Manual
DVKF2005 Citroen Xsara 1.6i SX Automatic1587 см3Automatic
DVKN2000 Citroen Xsara 1.9 D1868 см3Manual
DVKD2008 Citroen Xsara 1.6i SX Automatic1587 см3Automatic
DVKH2009 Citroen Xsara 1.6 SX Plus1587 см3Manual
DVK21998 Citroen Xsara 2.0 D Coupe1909 см3Manual
DVK92005 Citroen Xsara 2.0 HDi 109 SX Plus Automatic1997 см3Automatic
DVKE2008 Citroen Xsara 1.6 16V SX Plus Automatic1587 см3Automatic
DVKK1999 Citroen Xsara 1.8 Break1761 см3Manual
DVKO1997 Citroen Xsara 1.8i SX Automatic1761 см3Automatic
DVKG2009 Citroen Xsara 1.6 SX Plus Automatic1587 см3Automatic
DVKR1998 Citroen Xsara 1.9 D Coupe1868 см3Manual
DVKI1998 Citroen Xsara 1.6 Coupe1585 см3Manual
DVK62004 Citroen Xsara 2.0 HDi 109 SX Plus1997 см3Manual
DVKW2000 Citroen Xsara 2.0 Break1995 см3Manual
DVK11999 Citroen Xsara 2.0 D Picasso1997 см3Manual
DVK32008 Citroen Xsara 2.0 HDi 109 SX Plus1997 см3Manual
DVK01999 Citroen Xsara 2.0 D Break1995 см3Manual
DVKT2008 Citroen Xsara 2.0 16V Exclusive1997 см3Manual
DVK52005 Citroen Xsara 2.0 HDi 109 SX Plus1997 см3Manual
DVKA2005 Citroen Xsara 1.6i SX1587 см3Manual
DVKV2000 Citroen Xsara 2.0 D1997 см3Manual
DVK42008 Citroen Xsara 2.0 HDi1997 см3Manual
DVKB2008 Citroen Xsara 1.6i SX1585 см3Manual
DVKM1998 Citroen Xsara 1.9 D1904 см3Manual
DVKS1998 Citroen Xsara 21998 см3Manual
DVKL1997 Citroen Xsara 1.8i SX1749 см3Manual
DVK72009 Citroen Xsara 2.0 HDi 109 SX Plus1997 см3Manual
DVKC2009 Citroen Xsara 1.4 HDi SX Plus1398 см3Manual
DVOY1944 Citroen 7 A 15001529 см3Manual
DVO81964 Citroen Ak 350 602 см3n\a
DVOJ1959 Citroen 2CV 400423 см3Manual
DVOX1958 Citroen 2CV Sahara850 см3Manual
DVOQ1944 Citroen 7 A 13001303 см3Manual
DVOU1943 Citroen 7A 1.51527 см3Manual
DVOZ1945 Citroen 7A 1.51529 см3Manual
DVOP1943 Citroen 7A 1.31301 см3Manual
DVOF1960 Citroen 2CV 375 см3Manual
DVON1959 Citroen 2CV Sahara850 см3Manual
DVOD1949 Citroen 2CV 375 см3Manual
DVOH1955 Citroen 2CV AZ425 см3Manual
DVO21943 Citroen 7A 1.61628 см3Manual
DVO91988 Citroen Activa n\a см3n\a
DVOE1962 Citroen 2CV 375 см3Manual
DVOK1956 Citroen 2CV 400425 см3Manual
DVOO1941 Citroen 7A 1303 см3Manual
DVOG1965 Citroen 2CV 425 см3Manual
DVOR1942 Citroen 7A 13001303 см3Manual
DVOI1956 Citroen 2CV Fourgonette425 см3Manual
DVO61944 Citroen 7 A 16001628 см3Manual
DVOW1945 Citroen 7A 1303 см3Manual
DVO11942 Citroen 7A 15001529 см3Manual
DVO31946 Citroen 7A 16001628 см3Manual
DVO01946 Citroen 7A 15001529 см3Manual
DVOT1951 Citroen 2CV Fourgonette375 см3Manual
DVO51945 Citroen 7A 1.61627 см3Manual
DVOA1948 Citroen 2CV 375 см3Manual
DVOV1946 Citroen 7A 1303 см3Manual
DVO41942 Citroen 7A 16001628 см3Manual
DVOB1955 Citroen 2CV 424 см3Manual
DVOM1960 Citroen 2CV Sahara850 см3Manual
DVOS1955 Citroen 2CV Fourgonette425 см3Manual
DVOL1959 Citroen 2CV Fourgonette425 см3Manual
DVO71963 Citroen Ak 350 602 см3n\a
DVOC1956 Citroen 2CV 374 см3Manual
DVGY1975 Citroen Mehari 601 см3n\a
DVG81979 Citroen Mehari 0.6601 см3Manual
DVGJ1974 Citroen GS Club Berline1222 см3Manual
DVGX1968 Citroen Mehari 602 см3n\a
DVGQ1982 Citroen LN 1.11124 см3n\a
DVGU1971 Citroen Mehari 602 см3n\a
DVGZ1981 Citroen Mehari 0.6602 см3Manual
DVGP1983 Citroen LN 0.7652 см3Manual
DVGF1982 Citroen LN 0.7652 см3Manual
DVGN1980 Citroen LN 0.7651 см3Manual
DVGD1980 Citroen Karin n\a см3n\a
DVGH1984 Citroen GSA 1129 см3n\a
DVG21984 Citroen Mehari 0.6602 см3Manual
DVG91985 Citroen Mehari 0.6602 см3Manual
DVGE1979 Citroen GSA X1 Berline1299 см3Manual
DVGK1956 Citroen ID 19 1911 см3Manual
DVGO1981 Citroen LN 0.7652 см3Manual
DVGG1976 Citroen LN 602 см3Manual
DVGR1978 Citroen LNA 652 см3Manual
DVGI1980 Citroen GSA 1129 см3n\a
DVG61976 Citroen Mehari 602 см3n\a
DVGW1969 Citroen Mehari 602 см3n\a
DVG11973 Citroen Mehari 602 см3n\a
DVG31982 Citroen Mehari 0.6602 см3Manual
DVG01974 Citroen Mehari 602 см3n\a
DVGT1972 Citroen Mehari 602 см3n\a
DVG51980 Citroen Mehari 0.6602 см3Manual
DVGA1974 Citroen GS Club Berline C-Matic1220 см3Automatic
DVGV1970 Citroen Mehari 601 см3n\a
DVG41986 Citroen Mehari 0.6602 см3Manual
DVGB1979 Citroen GSA 1.31299 см3Manual
DVGM1978 Citroen LN 0.7652 см3Manual
DVGS1985 Citroen LNA 0.7652 см3Manual
DVGL1984 Citroen LN 0.7652 см3Manual
DVG71977 Citroen Mehari 602 см3n\a
DVGC1973 Citroen GS 1015 см3n\a