Code: NC Citroen - 2005 - C4 2

Home / 2005 Citroen C4 2 Fuel type gasoline, NC vendor, inline engine, displacement 1997 cc., engine location front, transmission type manual, 5 seats, curb weight 1412, body type hatchback, cylinder bore 85,0 mm.
  • Body: Hatchback
  • Year produced: 2005
  • Capacity (cc): 1997 cc
  • Catalog number: NC
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
NCXY1946 Citroen 11 1911 см3Manual
NCX81957 Citroen 11 Familiale1911 см3Manual
NCXJ1991 Citroen ZX 1.6i1579 см3Manual
NCXX1957 Citroen 11 1911 см3Manual
NCXQ1996 Citroen ZX Break1360 см3Manual
NCXU1949 Citroen 11 1911 см3Manual
NCXZ1951 Citroen 11 1909 см3Manual
NCXP1992 Citroen ZX 2.0i Volcane1998 см3Manual
NCXF2007 Citroen Xsara Picasso 2.0 HDi Style1995 см3Manual
NCXN1992 Citroen ZX 21905 см3Manual
NCXD2009 Citroen Xsara Picasso 2.0 HDi Style1997 см3Manual
NCXH2005 Citroen Xsara Picasso 2.0 HDi SX Plus1997 см3Manual
NCX21941 Citroen 11 1911 см3Manual
NCX91949 Citroen 11 Familiale1911 см3Manual
NCXE2006 Citroen Xsara Picasso 2.0 HDi Style1997 см3Manual
NCXK1996 Citroen ZX 1.6 Break1580 см3Manual
NCXO1992 Citroen ZX 1.9 D Turbo1905 см3Manual
NCXG2008 Citroen Xsara Picasso 2.0 AutomatiC Exclusive1995 см3Automatic
NCXR1991 Citroen ZX Reflex1360 см3Manual
NCXI2004 Citroen Xsara Picasso 2.0 HDi SX Plus1997 см3Manual
NCX61954 Citroen 11 Familiale1911 см3Manual
NCXW1947 Citroen 11 1910 см3Manual
NCX11944 Citroen 11 1911 см3Manual
NCX31942 Citroen 11 1.91911 см3Manual
NCX01956 Citroen 11 1.91911 см3Manual
NCXT1991 Citroen ZX Volcane1905 см3Manual
NCX51948 Citroen 11 19001911 см3Manual
NCXA2004 Citroen Xsara Picasso 1.8 SX Plus1797 см3Manual
NCXV1955 Citroen 11 1910 см3Manual
NCX41945 Citroen 11 Familiale1911 см3Manual
NCXB2004 Citroen Xsara Picasso 2.0 Exclusive1997 см3Automatic
NCXM1996 Citroen ZX 1.9 D Break1905 см3Manual
NCXS1998 Citroen ZX Break1360 см3Manual
NCXL1991 Citroen ZX 1.9 D Advantage1998 см3Manual
NCX71952 Citroen 11 Familiale1909 см3Manual
NCXC1999 Citroen Xsara Picasso 2.0 HDi1911 см3Manual
NCQY1973 Citroen GS 1015 см3n\a
NCQ81978 Citroen LN 0.7652 см3Manual
NCQJ1973 Citroen GS 21990 см3n\a
NCQX1979 Citroen GSA 1.31299 см3Manual
NCQQ1974 Citroen GS Club Break1222 см3Manual
NCQU1974 Citroen GS Pallas1220 см3Manual
NCQZ1980 Citroen Karin n\a см3n\a
NCQP1982 Citroen GS A1128 см3n\a
NCQF1977 Citroen GS 1015 см3n\a
NCQN1981 Citroen GSA 1129 см3n\a
NCQD1974 Citroen Dyane 423 см3n\a
NCQH1976 Citroen GS 1015 см3n\a
NCQ21976 Citroen LN 602 см3Manual
NCQ91980 Citroen LN 0.7651 см3Manual
NCQE1974 Citroen GS 1015 см3n\a
NCQK1986 Citroen GSA 1127 см3n\a
NCQO1979 Citroen GSA 1129 см3n\a
NCQG1986 Citroen Eole n\a см3n\a
NCQR1971 Citroen GS 1015 см3n\a
NCQI1970 Citroen GS 1015 см3Manual
NCQ61956 Citroen ID 19 1911 см3Manual
NCQW1974 Citroen GS Club Berline C-Matic1220 см3Automatic
NCQ11982 Citroen LN 0.7652 см3Manual
NCQ31984 Citroen GSA 1129 см3n\a
NCQ01979 Citroen GSA X1 Berline1299 см3Manual
NCQT1983 Citroen GSA 1129 см3n\a
NCQ51974 Citroen GS Club Berline1222 см3Manual
NCQA1967 Citroen Dyane 6 Weekend602 см3Manual
NCQV1975 Citroen GS 1014 см3n\a
NCQ41980 Citroen GSA 1129 см3n\a
NCQB1969 Citroen Dyane 4 425 см3n\a
NCQM1985 Citroen GSA 1129 см3n\a
NCQS1973 Citroen GS Birotor1990 см3n\a
NCQL1972 Citroen GS 1015 см3n\a
NCQ71984 Citroen LN 0.7652 см3Manual
NCQC1984 Citroen Eco 2000 750 см3n\a
NCUY2009 Citroen Xsara 1.4 HDi SX Plus1398 см3Manual
NCU81998 Citroen Xsara 1.9 D1904 см3Manual
NCUJ1997 Citroen Xsara 1.4i X1360 см3Manual
NCUX2008 Citroen Xsara 1.6i SX1585 см3Manual
NCUQ2000 Citroen Xsara 1.61587 см3Manual
NCUU2000 Citroen Xsara 1.6 Break Automatic1587 см3Automatic
NCUZ2008 Citroen Xsara 1.6i SX Automatic1587 см3Automatic
NCUP2000 Citroen Xsara 1.6 Break1587 см3Manual
NCUF2003 Citroen Xsara 1.4 D Break1398 см3Manual
NCUN2008 Citroen Xsara 1.6 16V SX Plus1587 см3Manual
NCUD2002 Citroen Xsara 1.41398 см3Manual
NCUH2005 Citroen Xsara 1.4 HDi SX Plus1398 см3Manual
NCU22009 Citroen Xsara 1.6 SX Plus Automatic1587 см3Automatic
NCU92000 Citroen Xsara 1.9 D1868 см3Manual
NCUE2003 Citroen Xsara 1.4 D1360 см3Manual
NCUK2008 Citroen Xsara 1.4 SX Plus1358 см3Manual
NCUO2000 Citroen Xsara 1.6 Automatic1587 см3Automatic
NCUG2008 Citroen Xsara 1.4 HDi SX Plus1398 см3Manual
NCUR2000 Citroen Xsara 1.6i1587 см3Manual
NCUI2009 Citroen Xsara 1.4 SX Plus1359 см3Manual
NCU61999 Citroen Xsara 1.8 Break1761 см3Manual
NCUW2005 Citroen Xsara 1.6i SX1587 см3Manual
NCU12005 Citroen Xsara 1.6i SX Automatic1587 см3Automatic
NCU32009 Citroen Xsara 1.6 SX Plus1587 см3Manual
NCU02008 Citroen Xsara 1.6 16V SX Plus Automatic1587 см3Automatic
NCUT1999 Citroen Xsara 1.6 Break1587 см3Manual
NCU51998 Citroen Xsara 1.81761 см3Manual
NCUA2000 Citroen Xsara 1.41360 см3Manual
NCUV2000 Citroen Xsara 1.6i Automatic1560 см3Automatic
NCU41998 Citroen Xsara 1.6 Coupe1585 см3Manual
NCUB1999 Citroen Xsara 1398 см3Manual
NCUM1998 Citroen Xsara 1.61585 см3Automatic
NCUS1999 Citroen Xsara 1.6 Break Automatic1587 см3Automatic
NCUL2004 Citroen Xsara 1.4 SX Plus1360 см3Manual
NCU71997 Citroen Xsara 1.8i SX1749 см3Manual
NCUC2005 Citroen Xsara 1398 см3Manual